Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We love Summer around here!

This is how you get away with not putting sun block on your kids! (Tyler's idea!)

Elsie started to take a tumbling class from my cute neighbor Trina! She loves it and keeps practicing her jumping jacks! It is so funny to what her and all the kids!

Kim came into town so Lacey and I hung out with her for the day! We had so much fun and Elsie always loves playing with Cookler! (Cutler)

Happy Father's Day! We started doing every other year for holidays and this year we spent Father's Day with the Thomas'!

Grace's Dance Recital

4th of July!
This year was really layed back! We just hung out all morning and then went to the Thomas' for fireworks! Tyler's uncles and aunts were in town from Arizona and we had so much fun with them. I can't believe I don't even have one picture of them but I promise they were there!

Lyla has so many cute expressions! Lately she does this scrunch face all the time! WE LOVE IT!


Melissa said...

Cute kids! I can't believe you have a Lyla too! She looks about the same age as our baby!

Peter and Katie said...

So cute to see these updates. Love the picture of Elsie posing in her cowgirl boots. And so jealous of Disneyland, I want to go again too. It is so fun with the kids. You guys look great!

Rylee & Kimball Hannan said...

I miss you!!! The end ps your kids are the cutest!! ps i changed my blog to www.ryleeandkimballhanan.blogspot.com just incase you ever look at it :)